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    Comcast Constant Guard: How do i stop it?

    I only get this at my parents house. Problem is this. All the machines are clean. They still get these popups. It doesn't look like a program that i can remove, as its not listed in the Add/remove programs part of windows, nor is it in any of the Addons for the browsers.

    But the real trick is this. I am visiting home and brought my laptop, and connected to the Wifi here. Soon as i start browsing, i start getting them on my own laptop. A machine which i never installed any of that crap on in the first place, which kind of points to it being on the network itself.

    Anyone have any ideas how to remove it?
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    yes you have to go to there website and de activate it they probly agreed to it when they went to download the free norton from comcast because it asks you in a pop up if you would like it,ive always said no but someone there might have said yes to it once so i would Google "comcast norton" and go to there download page for norton and hopefully you'll get that pop up again and say no otherwise you might have to call or dig around on that site to turn it is a isp protection not a download.
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    I know this topic is old, but it is still very relevant. My friend just switched to Comcast and is now getting these annoying pop ups on all his devices (including his smartphone). I found a way to remove the pop-up per device.

    Install either TamperMonkey (Chrome), or GreaseMonkey (Firefox) extension for your browser. Add a script and put this in the script: "document.getElementById("comcast_content").style. display = "none";"

    Make sure it's enabled and enjoy.

    This is for PC browsers with the ability to install extensions. Unless you can find a browser on a smartphone to install web browsing scripts, this wont help for smartphone users.

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