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    GTX 550 Ti 2GB Overclocking :D

    So i am overclocking my GTX 550 Ti

    Been Playing Diablo 3 all night lastnight for about 6 hours and had no Downclocks or Crashes

    Idle: My card Runs 25 Celsius with fan on 95
    Max Temp: 68 Fan on 95
    Shader: Stock you can use the shader clock in Precision X Do you guys think i should overlcock the Shader??

    Been running good so far ran a half hour test before i started playing Diablo 3 get to play on High Graphics i have Frame Rate locked at 60 and it stays at 60!!! Sucess!

    Also What should my Load be at!

    Suggest any tuning i am new to Overclocking Mine card is a EVGA 550 Ti Super Clocked 2GB!
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    i hate to break the bump bump chain. but what model 550 ti is it? asus? evga?
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    Quote Originally Posted by YAMA187 View Post
    i hate to break the bump bump chain. but what model 550 ti is it? asus? evga?

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    I was able to overclock my 550Ti 1100Mhz on the core, I forget the Mem overclock. I linked the Shader and Core clock though. If memory serves me right, the jump from 1000 to 1100 only yielded 1-3 frames extra for me. Was not really viable for me.
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