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    I-5 750 overclock advice

    Hi Helpmates

    I have finally got my system over clocked to 4.0 GHZ. I was having trouble previously in getting a stable over clock. ( I believe I was too timid with upping voltages) I increased Vcore now 1.408 IMC 1.25 and memory 1.6

    It has been running for several days now and all the temps look good (have after marketcpu cooler and additional fans.) I am concerned that perhaps my Vcore is a little too high.

    Some advice appreciated


    CPU 15-750, MOBO ASUS P7P55D LE, 8GB of Criucial Vengence 1600 Ram,

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    A Vcore of ~1.37-1.40V is about average for a 4.0GHz clock from a 750. If you're concerned that it may be too high, lower it incrementally until either LinX or Prime fails. then raise it back up again until either or both pass successfully.

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    Thanks for the advise... I feel more comfortable now


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