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    7770 is fighting the Intel HD graphics for control

    Hey guys, I just helped a friend with his build yesterday and he got a i5-3570K, an ASRock Extreme-4 mobo and a Diamond 7770 GHz edition. After installing all the mobo drivers, I installed CCC and everything worked perfectly. Then around 3am he installed a few updates and the Intel graphics port on the mobo took over. He says he cannot get CCC to take control of the mess. Now mind you I did install all the drivers from the ASRock cd that came with it. What do I need to disable to get the CCC and 7770 back in control of the graphics for everything? Thanks guys.
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    unintall the intel drivers?
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    Disable onboard graphics in the BIOS if it's causing issues.
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    go into Bios and disable on board igpu, also make sure he has his monitor hooked up to the vid card and not the on board graphics.
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