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    New computer build ..Opinions please

    Hi folks im back here after about a million years absence. Im building a computer for my guest room / spare and wanted to lay out the items I have for the build so the experts here could maybe see if it looks generally compatible. I want to put it together tonite.

    Build materials:
    Motherboard: Asrock 970 extreme3
    Processor: FX4170 Black edition
    Ram: 1 stick (4gigs) Mushkin silver 1333 ddr3
    Video card: EVGA 7950 GT KO ( I know its old but it should play Left4dead pretty well.)
    Power: 680 watts with 8 pin (2x4) and 24 pin (I forget the brand it was cheap)
    OS: Win XP 32 bit
    Drive: I still have to get one on Friday (payday) my old drive is a IDE 160 gig and It has failed to boot so much that I think it is fried...

    Its been about 4 years since I assembled my last computer.

    I dont plan to overclock although this setup seems to promote that from what I have read so far.

    Thanks in advance for any opinions or advice. : )

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    Avoid cheap PSUs...

    A good 550w (Corsair, OCZ...) is much better than a cheap 750w. The whole system depends on the power supply.

    What GPU do you plan on getting?

    Better going with 2 matched RAM modules, as they work in dual channel.

    What do you plan doing with this computer?
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    If you don't plan to overclock; go Intel. An i5 3450 or something.. What's your max budget and where are you buying from? Is there a particular reason you're using Windows XP? It's nice but... Old now. I can't recommend it anymore lol. Windows 7 is far better at memory management and everything else.
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    Hey, welcome to OCF!

    When trying to recommend a build to you, there's some information that's extremely helpful for us to know. If you could answer these few short questions, we'd be happy to help!

    • What are you planning to do with this compuer? Please be as specfic as possible.

    • What is your budget?
      1. Does this include a copy of Windows?
      2. Does this include peripheals (a keyboard, monitor, mouse, speakers, etc.)?
    • Are you from the United States or a different country? Are you ordering from your own country or from across borders?
      1. Wherever you may be from, does the store that you are planning to order from have a website? It's okay if it isn't in English, we can manage.

    • Do you have any specific requests with the build?
      1. Do you plan on overclocking? If yes, do you have a specific goal in mind?
      2. Would you prefer the build to be particularly small?
      3. Would you prefer the build to be particularly quiet?
      4. In general, do you prefer this to be a computer that you can spend money on now and let it rest, or a box built for continuous upgrading?
      5. Do you ever plan on utilizing NVIDIA's SLI or AMD's CrossfireX technologies? These features, with a compatible motherboard, allow a user to link multiple identical graphic cards together for added performance. In real world terms, this lets you buy a second identical graphics card down the line as a relatively cheap and easy way to gain a fairly large boost in performance. However, this requires buying a SLI/CFX compatible motherboard and PSU now, which may result in slightly higher initial cost

    • (OPTIONAL) Have you already looked at or considered any parts (it's okay if you haven't)? If so, please list your top 1-2 choices for each category. If you've only picked out a few of the below, just list those.
      • CPU
      • Motherboard
      • RAM
      • Graphics Card
      • Power Supply
      • Case
      • Hard Drive
      • Solid State Drive (optional)
      • Mouse (if necessary)
      • Keyboard (if necessary)
      • Monitor (if necessary)
      • Speakers/Headset (if necessary)

    Once again, thank you in advannce for taking the time to answer these, and I hope you enjoy your stay at OCF!
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    Thanks glad to be back

    Finished building the computer day before yesterday. Ended up having to buy a Seagate drive as the old one was dead. Im finding out how old this Geforce seven series is tho (EVGA 7950 GT KO Superclocked) with modern games it lags a bit but is fine for a guest computer. Thanks for the replies. I consider this thread completed. I'm Glad I came back and registered. THANKS! : )

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