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Thread: RAM dilemma

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    RAM dilemma

    so I have a 3570k I'm overclocking, and two RAM kits, a Samsung and a G.SKILL.

    While stability testing with either kit in I get errors, but the errors with the G.SKILL are "recoverable" (WHEA warnings), while with the Samsung it just crashes.

    Does this mean the G.SKILL leads to a more stable OC, or is the difference irrelevant?

    I like the Samsung because the RAM itself overclocks much better, but overclocking the CPU takes priority...

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    Do either RAM crash before you OC? If so, then there's something wrong with the OCing. If not then there's something wrong with the RAM or MB and should be replaced.

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    Everything works fine at stock. This is just a CPU overclock, with RAM at stock. The system is stable at 4.7GHz, but exhibits the above behavior at 4.8.

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    Sounds like your CPU overclock is unstable rather than your RAM. If you're not changing anything with the RAM, but it crashes when you OC the CPU another 100MHz, you have an unstable CPU overclock.

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