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    SOLVED: Asrock Z77 Pro3 and Video Card Incompatibility Issues "victim"

    Just finished wiring the new build, ground up, and got me five beeps - video card. I'm running a PNY GTX 560. I've read the few reviews on Egg that complain about the board not recognizing cards, which seem to be Nvidia, and even one that was specifically PNY. Well, I took the chance....

    It boots with my old EVGA 7300GT. Soooo, have others had this issue? Should I contact Asrock and get a different model or swap the card? The build is basically a workstation w/o the workstation specific card; I do a lot of Photoshop, CAD, 3ds max, so I like the GTX for the cuda cores. Any advice would be fantastic.

    Thanks peeps.

    Edit: NVM, Bios update FTW......been swinging for the fences quite a bit tonight and FAILING!! GAH!
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    Yes, BIOS update.

    Same happened with my 470s and thought the board was bricked.

    Reflashed the BIOS with a veeeeeeeeery old ATi something something and it worked.
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