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Thread: CPU Heat

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    CPU Heat

    New to PC building and just built a new computer for the first time any suggestions on how to lower the temp on my CPU? And which would be the better of the two to use an after market heat sink or a water cooled setup? Any suggestions would help thanks my PC build specs

    Case: Thermaltake Chaser MK-I
    MB: Asus Sabbertooth 990 FX AM3+ AMD
    CPU: AMD FX-8150 FX 8-Core Black Edition AM3+
    RAM: Corsair Vengence DDR3 1866 MHZ 16GB (2X8GB)
    GPU: EVGA Geforce GTX680 2 GB GDDR5
    PSU: Corsair HX Professional Series 850w
    SSD: Corsair Force GT 180GB SATA III
    HDD: Seagate Barracuda 2TB 64MB Cache 7200RPM
    Drive: Asus blue ray drive

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    Heatsink are easy, buy it, install it, done.

    With water cooling, it takes a lot more research and planning. However, you can make it cool however well you want and be as quiet as you want it, you're only limited by how much you can spend.

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    It depends on the particular air cooler and the particular water system. There is a common misconception out there that any water cooling kit will out perform all air coolers. Not so! And it may depend on your budget. The Corsair H100, probably the best self-contained ready to go out of the box water kit is a little over $100 US and a lot of people are going that way with the FX 8xxx CPUs. The only air cooler I would recommend for that CPU as being adequate for some overclocking is the Noctua D14 for under $90 US. Neither would be problematic as far as installation in your case.

    One piece of information you did not include in your Sig or in your post is the CPU cooler you are currently using. Shall we assume you are using the stock boxed cooler that came with the CPU?
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    CPU: i5-7600k@4.8ghz
    Motherboard: ASRock Z270 Killer SLI/ac
    Cooler: Custom loop with Swiftech MCP50X pump, EK-Spremacy Evo block, Koolance 360x29mm 30 fins per in. radiator, 38x120mm 4000rpm Delta fans on Sunbeam Rheobus Extreme fan speed controller
    RAM: 2x8 gb Crucial 2400 Ballistic DDR4
    GPU: XFX Rx480 8gb/1080p Asus monitor
    Case: NZXT Source 530
    PSU: OCZ 750W
    Storage: Segate 480 gb SSD + 1x1tb spinner
    OS: Windows 10

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    Yes I'm using the stock cpu cooler

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    The Corsair H100 = However those that have "reallly" pushed an 8 core FX processor have found the H100 not enough. NOT when really pushed. I do think that the H100 in well cooled environment would handle 4.4Ghz without much drama. After that and depending on how you setup the H100, it could make you wish you had gone another route and had that $100 to go against another route.

    One other note to remember is that when you have n0 air cooled cpu HSF in the case, you have g0t to make sure you have air going toward the VRM sinks since going water removes the air that spilled there from the fan powered cpu cooler.
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