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    Exclamation Fan configuration for CM Storm Scout

    I have a Cooler Master Storm Scout. There are 3 case fans and from what I can tell the top and back fans blow air out of the case and the front fan is the only one that sucks air in. I'm not an expert or anything but it seems like this would create negative pressure and not cool very well. Is there a way to reverse the fan direction so that I can make the top fan suck air in? Or would that not be recommended?

    The reason I am wondering is because I keep having problems while gaming (which might not actually be due to temps at all). I have had the game freeze completely on me one time and then all my peripherals just stop working (ex. G930 headset, G700 mouse, and Razor mechanical gaming keyboard) which has happened twice so far. I removed my PC from the compartment under my desk because it was feeling a bit warm under there which is actually really unusual because I haven't had any problems with heat since I built this machine (about 4 weeks ago).

    What do?
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    Negative vs positive pressure doesn't really matter. It's one of those things that people have been debating for years and come to no real conclusion about.

    Bottom/front/side are intakes, back and top are exhaust, stock configuration should be right.

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    I heard something about pos/neg pressure in a Youtube video or something. Guess I shouldn't read into things so easily. Thanks again, Knu.

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    People usually prefer pos. pressure because it's said to give less dust.
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