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    Kickstarter and Game Development: Highlighting Games Coming to Linux Part 5

    Throughout this series we have discussed a few of the upcoming games for Linux, which have been funded in part or in whole, via the crowd sourcing website Kickstarter. In the previous articles, we spoke with various developers about their experience with both the Kickstarter initiative and supporting Linux. The one thing that most of those game studios have in common is that they have based their games on the Unity 3D game engine.
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    I love the idea but ... will we be getting driver support from AMD and Nvidia ?

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    Nice read, I worked on a project last year that wanted to use unity but went with a custom coded engine because unity lacked linux support. Im very happy to see this is going to be added in the coming version.

    nVidia worked hand in hand with Valve for the last linux driver release. That as far as I know was the first gamer oriented Linux driver from nVidia EVER. As Steam comes to bare on linux and other developers push further into *nix land I imagine AMD will finally get off there butts and start offering proper drivers.
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    So your looking for an AMD FX motherboard, things you need to know. Whats the max safe temps/volts for an FX?

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    Glad to hear NVidia is working on it, at least. Hopefully AMD doesn't screw itself over

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    Things on the driver front are really picking up.

    As for Unity3D, I have played a few of their games for linux and they work quite well. I have noted that the execute bit almost always has to be set before you can double click on the executable or else you get a dialogue indicating that Linux doesn't know what to do with the file. Its a minor thing, and overall it allows great titles to come to Linux easily!
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    Unity Web Player is the used by my youngest son's favorite game Monkey Quest. It crashes so often on my PC (Windows 7 x64) that I've given up playing with him. So far I am less than impressed with the web version of the engine. Hopefully it runs better on Linux.
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