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Thread: Haf 932 filters

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    Haf 932 filters


    I just finished watching this video about making your own filters.His technique is to fold screen mesh into the front cover of the 932 ,which can be secured by the clips that already exist .I own an Antec DF85 Full Tower.The screen mesh he uses in the video is very similar to the filters on the Antec DF 85.As you can see in the picture,each of the 3 120mm's on the front of the Antec DF85 have a removable filter,which traps the majority of the dust.This stuff looks no different than the screen mesh you can buy in rolls at Home Depot on the cheap.I looked into buying Deci filters on Frozen Cpu,but not at those prices.Nice filters,but they look very restrictive.

    I am considering the Haf 932 for my second case,but have concerns about dust.On my present case, the DF85,it has (3) 120mm's in front,as intakes(2) 120mm's on back,as exhaust & (2) 140mm on top as exhaust.I also use a Hyper 212 Evo,with 2 fans for push and pull.I also blocked off gaps with black power supply foam (great stuff) to prevent dust.I never used the side fans,to cool video cards, because I'm not so sure it helps with air circulation,creating a swirl instead of a stream ,for lack of better words.I think the Haf is a beast,but I need some ideas to make it better.
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    To be honest, most fans will still push/pull a decent amount of air through any screen filter. I think that people who are seriously concerned about filters restricting airflow either only have one fan, or don't understand what positive pressure is. You don't need a filter on any outward blowing fans. That said, I never really have any outward blowing fans except for the PSU. People who worry that only an outward blowing PSU fan is not enough don't realize that air escapes through any holes, through the top, and even through the inward blowing fans themselves if too much pressure is being pushed into the case. You can only pressurize a case so much. That said, I think that the only really important case fans that you need should be blowing in on your CPU/GPU/Northbridge. Everything else will get warm air, but it won't be stagnant air. The whole idea behind cooling is to bring new air over hot parts. The air can warm a bit, but as long as the air flow remains constant your parts will stay below a certain temp. The idea behind pressurization (even if it's very low) is to keep air flowing outward through all the nooks and crannies, thereby eliminating dust intake except onto your filters.

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    There's a huge thread debating the performance aspects of positive vs negative pressure in a case. The only thing that people have agreed on is that yes, positive pressure does help in keeping dust out (more intakes than exhausts).

    However, performance wise, flow is way more important than the total quantity of airflow. I wouldn't rely on pressure alone to create enough flow for parts. You want at least one or two exhaust fans, not counting the PSU, on the back or top of your case.
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    You can probably get cheaper materials elsewhere but I know that has some good filter stuff.

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