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    Talking Just joined the 3ghz club..

    Cant claim to be running "Longterm" at 3Ghz...need to much voltage for my liking to keep it there.

    BUT!!!! for a brief look at it ........

    I have until yerterday been using an Enermax 550 watt PSU, for me and the Vapo it has been nothing but trouble!!!

    Fially got sick of the low 12v line and compressor shutdowns, bought a Topower 400Watt( AUD$120 versus the Enermax AUD$290).

    The 12v line is now GREAT and NO compressor the same voltge as i was previously using ( 1.8v) i am now stable @ 2.92Ghz ( previously 2.8ghz).

    Now if i up the voltage ( something i wont do longterm ) i can attain 3Ghz....

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    hey thats some nice pics there
    <- pic of my college parking spot
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    Good Job. Keep trying for more
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    that is real cool that you were able to get up there. with the vapochill and the mobo that you have, and now the new power supply, you should be jammin. i am glad that i finally know what you processor is at default, i saw your posts here and at the vapochill website, and it wasnt stated. so, i have the enermax 431 ps, and do you think that i will have the same problems that you had with yours? i have seen some sickly high fsb's here on this forum with the mobo that you are running, and i know that you should be able to get up to atleast 3500 with the VC stable, if not higher. good luck and i'll be posting good news this week.

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