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    Quote Originally Posted by Aldakoopa View Post
    This is kinda off-topic and I'm sorry, but I was just signing up for UPS MyChoice and it won't let me use my phone for a verification code, so I had to go with the "security questions" route. It's asking me very specific questions, like what year my PONTIAC FIREBIRD is, what month was *MOTHER'S NAME* born, etc.


    Just like how the Raptr Gaming Evolved app knew I had played Words With Friends on Facebook, even though I never linked my Facebook account.

    It know's these things through public record.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe88 View Post
    i'm drowning in a sea of router reviews
    LOL they sent me the same router recently. I love it too. Getting 100 Mb/s over 802.11ac on my phone! This is the first time a router has managed to come close to saturating my internet connection over Wi-Fi.

    I do wish I'd get another assignment already. It's been a lil over a month now since I got an email.

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    got my AIO today will be a couple days before I can pimp it but looks somewhat underwhelming thus far but along the lines of any normal asetek AIO I've seen before
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    I finally received an email for a new assignment, but sadly it was for an $8 USB Wi-Fi adapter that I have no interest in reviewing whatsoever... Now it'll be another month or two before I get another assignment, if I'm lucky. Frustrating...

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    they did the same to me a few months ago with a low end switch that was only worth $10, I accepted that one though since I could actually use it

    anyone think they would ever send something crazy like dslr's to review?
    one could dream...
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    As far as I know, none of the DSLR manufacturers are even participating in the EggXpert program. The most expensive item I was ever offered to review was a WD 4TB storage array with Thunderbolt connectivity. It retailed for $700 at the time. I didn't accept it because I had no way of testing it as Thunderbolt was the only connection supported. It was actually designed for Mac's, but later on some PC MOBO's were launched with Thunderbolt connectors built in.

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