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    Okay well that makes me feel a little better then. Thanks for the quick responses. I guess I need to step it up on my reviews or something. I actually emailed Newegg aroiund 6 months ago to ask them why the volume of hardware has slowed down for me. I told them if my reviews weren't up to snuff, I want to know because I'll make some changes to my review style. I'm under the impression that they want things short and concise, hence the 3000 character limit. So that's the style I use.

    Anyway, they responded by saying that they are more than happy with my reviews and want me to keep contributing great content. They said that they cycle through all their EggXpert reviewers and don't penalize anyone unless they fail to submit a review for any product they have been sent. So perhaps my luck has just been a little off... Hopefully things pick up soon. I'm still happy to get a product every month or so, but I am available to do much more.

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    I'm awaiting notification that Newegg are adding the Bugatti Veyron to their product line... news will be arriving via porcine aviators.
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    Keep dreaming.
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    Quote Originally Posted by balroger View Post
    I'm awaiting notification that Newegg are adding the Bugatti Veyron to their product line... news will be arriving via porcine aviators.
    a shame its been discontinued, so they will only be able to sell used ones.
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    A few months ago, they sent me an invite for a router I've already done. I replied I'd already done it, and was offered an H97 board which I accepted. Board appeared to be DOA, ASRock would not warrant it. Luckily I have it now running, a month after my [scathing] review went public. NewEgg was surprised that ASRock would do nothing for me despite me telling them that I was an EggXpert reviewer.

    After that, I got a Corsair MM200 standard, have been happy with it. Replaced my Steelseries QCK.

    Earlier this month, I got another "holy cow":
    Dear EggXpert,   
    ASUS will be launching a new smartphone this month.  It will have an Android operating system.  More details about this product will be made available to those that will be receiving this item.  Please reply no later than 4-9-2015 if you would like to take this assignment.  Please decline this invitation if the product does not match your expertise. 
    NOTICE: We are seeking Eggxperts that have experience with unlocked phones, android devices, smartphones, and Asus products.  To accept this item your phone carrier must allow the use of SIM cards on an unlocked phone.  This phone has not yet been launched, so there are timing requirements that need to be met.  By responding to this email with an acceptance, you will have a smartphone reserved for you to review.  The item must be reviewed speedily.  You must submit your review on or shortly after April 28th, 2015.  You will not be able to submit your review prior to April 28th.  Newegg has a non-disclosure agreement with ASUS to prevent prelaunch reviews.  Please do not attempt to post your review prior to the date specified.  We will be sending out a reminder email when the phones are shipped.
    You will receive a confirmation email if you have been accepted to receive the phone.  Due to our large volume of Eggxperts we will not be able to email those that will not be receiving the item.
    I replied immediately, saying I have AT&T and a micro SIM and can use the unlocked phone. They sent a supplemental question, which I answered. Then I received:
    We are glad to hear that you will be able to review this item.  We will be sending you the ASUS Zenfone.  Another email will be sent to you when the phone is mailed out. 
    The itemís SKU will be provided on April 28th for you to post your review.  Just make sure to mention in your review that you did not use the feature of having 2 carriers.
    Sweet! (Right?)

    Unfortunately - not yet.
    Dear Eggxpert,
    ASUS has postponed the launch of their new phone, and has also postponed the Eggxpert review process.  The previous date of April 28th is no longer the date that reviews should be submitted on or after.  We will email you when we send out the phone sample.  The email will provide further details concerning the review timing.  Thank you for your patience.  We appreciate your part in the Eggxpert Program and look forward to your review.
    Eggxpert Review
    Can't wait to get the phone....should be a worthy replacement to my Note II.
    Sucks that it's been delayed with no US launch ETA that I've found yet.

    Was wondering if anyone here had received this invite, but (looking over recent posts) I guess no. (Was hoping maybe someone had, and had received updated info on it.)
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    just received an offer to review a Radeon SSD
    Asus Rampage IV Black Edition
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    2x 240GB Kingston HyperX 3K's in Raid 0
    Asus Strix GTX980's in SLI
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