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    Question Overclocking an Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3 GHz on a GigaByte GA-G31M-ES2L

    Hello overclockers !

    As I work as software engeener, I'm not well experienced in overclocking hardware , so that I'd like you to advise me about my current configuration.

    I read many threads, especially this one (very similar to my configuration) which already helped me a lot to understand the manipulations to do...

    As I rebooted my PC (it auto-rebooted one more time) :

    1. CPU-Z (as Everest also) told me my CPU speed was still 3.0 GHz (instead of the 3.6 GHz expected value) :

    2. The memory also decreased to 2.8 Gb instead of 3.3 Gb (ProcessExplorer as Windows XP Info window) :

    Some of the modifications (green) I made have been changed (red) by the PC (for they were probably incompatible). Here are the snapshots of my BIOS configuration after the reboot :

    Here are the other hardware specifications brought by CPU-Z :

    I'm sure the solution is quite simple, but I don't have enough knowledge to find it

    Thank you for your help !!!

    Arnaud BeLO.
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    BeLO, your post got stuck in our spam filter, which I just released. The image you posted was broken, so I removed that from your post. You will need to add that back in.
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    Thumbs up

    Yes, indeed...
    So I'm gonna pass my images in an OCR

    Then I'll bring only textual information in my next post.

    Thanks for your reply !

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