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    AMD Cpu codes question

    i have the ahha 1.1 gig processor what is the vcore voltage and the i/o voltage on this cpu please help
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    The default voltage for the chip is 1.75. The I/O is for memory!

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    i/o should be 3.3V

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    That chip is a crap overclocker(AHHA).. 1.2ghz is as far as I could take mine, traded my chip to a friend who has a Compaq with a 1ghz and got a AVIA chip.. Im at 1.33ghz now, and about to make my next move to 1.4.. Just to let you know..

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    But any chip is a good chip to learn on. Play with it and see what you can get it to do.

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    to be honest i got my chip to 1.4 and it worked fine till i got my current cpu

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    what cpu?

    is this a duron? tbird?...

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