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Thread: Unknown CPU?

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    Unknown CPU?

    Today my father bought a really crappy new computer. It's a GigaPro CPU (supposedly a Celeron 700Mhz) however, nowhere on the computer (bios, bootup) does it show anything about the cpu, fsb, multiplier. is it possible to somehow overclock it? it also has an integrated video card (u can choose up to 8mb) is it possible to somehow increase it so i can select up to 32mb for video?
    help would be much appreciated. thanks

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    first of all, you need to download some kind of proggy, which allows you to determine what kind of chip you are running. or better yet, take a good look inside of your case, and find out the chip and board that way. if you want to oc, you have to know ur mobo, chip, ram, psu, temp, add-on cards, hd well. familiarize your system before you do anything is my advise.

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    Yep, download SiSoft Sandra and WCPUID... between the two of them, they will give you a good idea of where you're at with your system. If everything looks OK, look around on the mobo for some FSB jumpers, but as a branded computer I doubt it will overclock very well, anyway... g'luck though.

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    download the intel frequency ID utility here

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    once you find out all the infomation about your computer you might be able to use a program such as softfsb to overclock it.
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