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    Anyone seen this crazy waterblock?

    Found this link somewhere, this thing looks nuts! Wonder how it performs?
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    humm looks like the channels inside the block would have to be kind thin i soupose it might work pretty good id stick with what i know though

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    That's a very interesting idea, but I don't especially like the implementation.
    It looks like a main goal is to disperse heat directly from the waterblock, which seems like a good idea, but I'm not so sure of how well it would work. In the design, only the piping acts as a heatsink. A round pipe will make a poor heatsink because it has the minimum possible surface area/volume ratio, whereas a heatsink should have a high SA/V ratio. It would be better if the water came out of the block into long flat rectangular copper tubes (high SA/V ratio).
    Since this waterblock attempts to disperse heat from itself (ie it takes care of some of the heat instead of sending it all to the radiator or bong), it would be significantly better if the water flow was in a spiral pattern. This way, the coldest water would flow directly over the CPU and then be cooled on its way through the rest of the waterblock.
    I'm going to send the manufacturer a link to this site. I hope we get a response.
    Edit: Message sent. Let's see what happens.
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    That looks like the exact same pic that overclock-watercool said was their 3-d cooler block. Maybe they were his supplier. The buildup about the block before the site shutdown said it was the best performing blocks they'd seen to date...hmmm.

    Don't know how it'd perform, but it does look as though it would have some passive cooling incase of pump failure. The passive aspect might just give a boost to a smaller radiator setup too, as long as the case air supply were sufficient.

    Just a thought. It does go to show that we haven't tried all the posibilities......

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    It looks like it may be a good block but on the other hand it may be a pretty bad block. The only bad thing that I can reason with that waterblock is that the water will circulate in the waterblock too long and fill up with too much eat. This may overall increase the temperature of the water, especially since in normal waterblocks the heat is dispersed in small amounts throughout the water allowing the radiator to easily get rid of the heat. Just speculation though, it may be a good waterblock.

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    What those little pipes need are little heatsink fins attached to them. LOL. Seriously though, I don't know if that block will perform or not, but it sure would be fun to show off to all of my non-water-cooling friends!

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    What do those pipes look like inside the WB. If they are
    just loops in the cover, this block would be very bad.

    Any more info?

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