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    Quote Originally Posted by ATMINSIDE View Post
    Triple posting.
    I was just about to edit that into my post that it was the third post.

    wingman99, I'll be blunt. Our caring what you think is inversely proportional to the amount of times you annoy us by posting multiple times in multiple sections about it.

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    I was just looking to see if anyone else is having the same problem, I wanted to update my thread since it is related, also I wanted to post in another thread because it is related. I found the problem it is not my email it is this server.

    I did not mean to double post in this thread the forum locked up when I was posting. I did not triple post in the same thread.

    I also want to talk to mdcomp. last time he contact technical person in charge of email servers for the same problem and it is not the email server problem.
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    You're right, you triple posted in three different threads across different sections of the forum. Hokie moved everything to one location to keep from cluttering other people's threads.
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