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    Question Buyers Remorse - Seasonic SS-760XP2 760W Vs SSR-650TD 650W

    I'm re-considering a recent power supply purchase. Some crowd wisdom will help here.

    I have an un-opened Seasonic SS-760XP2 760W (80 Plus Platinum rated) PSU which I bought for 750 AED (204 USD) in UAE, which covers warranty. I know they overcharge in the UAE.

    However the latest SeaSonic SSR-650TD 650W (80 Plus Titanium) is available for 160 USD on B&H and will end up costing me around 860 AED (235 USD) with shipping to UAE.

    Of course, if there is coil noise or its faulty. I'll have to pay 400 AED (100 USD) for back and forth return shipping to US or abandon it, if something goes wrong. I've bought more valuable items and so far nothing has gone wrong.

    Question is should I keep the SS-760XP2 and rationalize the price as warranty cost (for coil noise, faults etc) or risk going for the SSR-650TD. There is a three design gap between the two models. Analogue (SS-760XP2) vs Digital (SSR-650TD).

    The pro for SS-760XP2 is, its a mature platform, with reviews out there. Con is lowest ripple is limited to main rails. I over paid, 5 year upgrade path to future CPUs questionable.

    The Pro with the SSR-650TD is the upgrade path and lowest ripple on all rails. The Con is, this is Seasonic's PSU platform re-design in 10 years and long term (3-5 year) reviews are not possible soon. Long term failure rate is unknown.

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    Id just keep the one you have. Its a great PSU, and you already have it. Seems like a LOT of headache for not much to gain.
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    Only thing I can add is I have the Corsair version of that power supply and have never heard coil wine. In fact I keep the fan setting in hybrid mode so that fan rarely comes on. The rails are rock solid.
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    There will be no noticeable difference between a Platinum and Titanium PSU.

    Keep the one you have, it is a solid unit and will last you for years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bob4933 View Post
    Id just keep the one you have. Its a great PSU, and you already have it. Seems like a LOT of headache for not much to gain.
    Thjs. A lot of effort for not much back.

    It's seasonic. I don't recall them ever having a PSU below 'above average'... don't worry about long term reliabilty.

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    I've had more luck with Seasonic than even bigger name brands like Corsair when it comes to power supplies. I don't think you'll have any issues, I'd just keep it since it seems like its going to be a huge headache to return from the UAE
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    coil noise is high frequency noise and depending on your hearing, you wont notice it at all. since if i recall right it is over 20khz for coil whine, reminds me as a kid wondering what that high pitched noise was when watching movies in class at school. turned out to be the CRT tv we were watching movies on and the teacher couldnt hear it since it was so high in the frequency range, our hearing gets worse as we age... coil whine will not effect the power supply at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evilsizer View Post
    ...SNIP... our hearing gets worse as we age...
    Yep. Such is life.

    YMMV, but chances are better that you won't experience that coil whine with your unit. Don't fix what isn't broken, especially brand new never opened.

    I can hear up to 18 khz now, when I used to be able to hear until 23-25 khz(give or take).

    Interestingly enough, my low end lasts until 9 hz. Hasn't changed at all. I have a deaf zone in the 200hz-300hz range though. I'm weird lol.
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