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    SilverStone Primera Series PM01 Review

    For your reading pleasure today, we have the SilverStone Primera PM01. SilverStone has always been a staple with the enthusiast community and are known for their bold cases and clean lines. The Primera, translating to "First" or "First Class" in Spanish, is no exception and is already staking claim to what we can expect from it. Myself being a modder, I am looking forward to see not only what this case offers, but also what can be done to make it that much better with a little crafting. So, grab some snacks and we will jump right in.

    Click here to view the article.
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    Nice review Tukr.

    I have 2 questions for ya.

    1. Will a 420mm rad fit up front? It comes with 3x140mm fans but doesn't list 420mm as an available option for water cooling.

    2. Could you please measure the distance from the back of the motherboard to the side panel to determine how much clearance there is for cable management?

    Again, great write-up.
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