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    Tough choices ahead...

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    Which RGB ram?
    Ok, the G.Skill has been discussed already on this forum. I think it is the nicest looking and would probably be my choice, even if I was never a fan of the TridentZ fins. I do like the pastel colour effect, and that you can fade between two colours as well as animate the lighting.
    The Geil doesn't do it for me. The obvious wires are not a good start and the module styling is nothing to speak of either. The remote control is one of the ones you see all over the coloured lights on ebay.
    Corsair had a good try but I want to see more of the lighting. Maybe this is a good choice for a more discreet but still accented build?
    And Kingston... they don't look much in photos, but in videos the lighting areas can be animated into patterns.
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    Geil with that external power is stupid idea. It also doesn't look so good.
    Corsair is just Vengeance LED with more colors. I'm not expecting on any better IC under the heatsinks and I don't really like top "cover" of the heatsinks which is from thin aluminum and is just moving/slightly bending while installing modules. I'm not really a fan of that design. Somehow it looks not that bad on the photos but feels cheap in real ( still overpriced ).
    TridentZ looks like the best option and I simply like these heatsinks. I just hope they won't cost too much and they stick to good Samsung IC. Most new kits have rather standard timings but I had no chance to test them except maybe 2x8GB 3200 C14 and 2x16GB 3200 C15 white/black. I just don't know what to expect from something like 3466 CL16-18-18.
    I'm not expecting Kingston to change IC so it will be probably the same Hynix AFR/MFR. I don't know when they will release these kits but I got info in press release that in Q3 2017. Then it will be too late to make any noise. Anyway look good on the photos.

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    Same stuff, now with RGBs...the only choice should be the looks.

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    G.SKILL or Corsair. On the HyperX you can see the individual LED's.
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