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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenrou View Post
    2nd day 1 patch already in Origin -
    Unfortunately my trial has been used up now so I cannot check out the new patch. Gonna have to wait till tomorrow I guess.

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    1st major complaint aparently is no manual saves - -

    Fully agree with his dude :

    "no manual saves is BAD!
    1. saves get corrupted BW, did u think of that?
    2. people have a life and game play gets interrupted. U need to save and do other things. Having no manual saves limits playing time because I have to say, do i have time for this game now or should i wait till later or another day?
    3. it prevents u from going back and picking different dialog options to see what they are.
    4. players may want to redo a fight using different tactics.
    AND no saves for side quests, i saw this in a review, online abt the 1st two hours of game play, single player. I guess BW does NOT want players to do the side quests.
    NO MANUAL SAVES is a serious FLAW to this game and needs to be FIXED!"
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