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    About B350-TOMAHAWK and Memory Support / Corsair Ram


    Im lookin to build R5 1600 and MSI B350-TOMAHAWK Ryzen Build, there is a memory support list on MSI page.

    its says this board support Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (CMK16GX4M2B3200C16W) at 3200 MHZ and its samsung chip,

    im newbie at this ddr4 memorys chips,single-dual rank or timings.

    here corsair memory link

    i dont wanna spent like 200 or 200$ at 16gb ram its to much for me, with 219$ CPU lul.

    if a get this corsair white kits can i run at 3200MHZ ? im just asking that and this ram single rank or dual rank also curious about this.

    Sory for my bad English.

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    G.Skill has a QVL listing for MSI B350-TOMAHAWK Flare X 3200 speed. LINK:
    i5 6600K OC 4.5GHz
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    EVGA Black Edition Superclocked GTX 1070

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johan45 View Post
    The part numbers match so it "should" work

    this one to expensive for me

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    Many other(cheaper) kits will work. Just your odds of running 3200 are slim right now. That could change with BIOS improvements but you would likely be stuck at 2666 for a while.

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