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    NAS drive backups with old WD Green HDDs

    I'm attempting to upgrade my current backup system where external HDDs are manually connected to my system & a backup is controlled by Beyond Compare.

    I have been considering 2 NAS/DAS drives, one onsite, the other offsite. I have 4x1TB WD Green & 1x3TB WD Green HDDs that I would like to continue to use until they fail. I favour a Synology DS416 as the onsite NAS, furnished with new 2x4TB WD Red HDDs. The offsite would need to be 5-bay & compatible with the older HDDs. If USB3, then it would need an ethernet adapter to accommodate long cabling.

    The plan would be to backup to the Synology DS416 from my PC & sync the Synology to the offsite storage. I'm not convinced either would need RAID as they are mirrors of each other & any failed drives could be repaired from the copy. I had been told that Greens will not RAID without corruption. Can anyone see failings (apart from the cost) in this arrangement, advise on compatible devices or any other constructive observations?

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    You don't need to backup an entire NAS if you run & mirror its data storage on RAID. You won't be able to essentially plug & play the offsite backup storage as a mirror drive. Why not just backup the important files/folders you have in your NAS? You can do that using Synology's Hyper Backup & just select a backup destination.

    What are the chances of total drive failure on all drives at the same time? The answer is slim unless you're running your NAS without some kind of surge protection. Even if you're running dual, quad or more bay NAS if you get power spikes it's not gonna destroy just a single drive but all your drives. Normal wear & tear is not gonna destroy all your drives at the same time. You still have time to rebuild your mirrored RAID drives if that happens. You got to be extremely (I mean extremely) unlucky if all your drives fail at the same time because of normal wear & tear.
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