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    First pics of my ALPHACOOL EISWAND

    Hi Guys,

    Here are some first pics of my brandnew Alphacool Eiswand. Itīs a complete set, especially for beginners. I will make some tests with the system later on. Ok now, letīs start with the pics, hope you like them.

    And here is a link to an unboxing video from the manufacturer:

    and you may have a look at my own little channel:

    Best Regards from Germany,

    Andy aka Reviewer and Modder Bundymania

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    It looks very nice! But, what is the advantage?
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    Looks like a stand alone self contained external 360 beginners kit to me. No real advantage except that noobs who dont have case modding skills can install it without much issue. Since the radiator, reservoir, and pump are in a single unit in theory it should be extremely easy to setup. However, it definitely isnt going to trade blows with a full custom loop in aesthetics or performance.
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    So your looking for an AMD FX motherboard, things you need to know. Whats the max safe temps/volts for an FX?

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    R_Pierce (04-21-17)

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    Nice kit and good hearing from you Bundy. Been a while since I've seen any of your tests and reviews.
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    @R_Pierce: The thing is, that especially beginners are often afraid to have water in a pc. With this kit, you only have the cpu block inside your pc and the rest stands outside where no water can harm any hardware But this is just one example.

    @GTXJackBauer: Well, i did a lot of reviews and vids in the past, but most of them in german speaking forums only. I had a translater for the written tests, but he quit some years ago.

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    R_Pierce (04-21-17)

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    I just tested Eisbaer and it's probably the best performing AIO I was testing. Some components are shared as all Alphacool kits have modular build and can add blocks, radiators etc. That's pretty nice as in most AIO you simply can't replace components in the easy way.

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    R_Pierce (04-21-17)

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    Looks like a really nice kit for beginners. Gives the beginner confidence and the knowledge of how to set a watercooling loop together. Nice Back when I started watercooling, there was no such thing as a kit. We had to piece one together which is how a custom loop goes. I was scared, but eventually got the confidence and I was off to the races.

    This was my first attempt:

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    GTXJackBauer (04-21-17)

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    Seems like a nice little kit. Over the years these these external all in ones seem to come any go out of favor and perform poorly. It would be nice to see some good ones come around.

    Love the old build Nebulous. My first w/c was a single heater core with a danner mag 3 stuffed into a cut up kingwin case. I was so paronoid I think I leak tested for a weak!
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    Nebulous (04-22-17)

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