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    Quote Originally Posted by SPL Tech View Post
    That is from the Intel technical manual on the 7700k, not Asus, and there are other threads on this forum which speak to what that's talking about, one of which you posted in. They are not claiming 1.52v is safe 24/7 at overclocked speeds.
    Corrected above CPU.

    Who are you going to believe Intel or random people in the forms. I have not seen any posts saying voltage + Amps killed my i7 7700k CPU so what do people know in the forums?

    1.44v from Asus 24/7 comes from the motherboard review kit that EarthDog reviewed, ask him.

    Stock specifications is maximum 1.52v at 100 Amps = 152 watts maximum from Intel.

    I'm not saying what people should do, I'm just posting facts. The fact is Intel does not supporting or encouraging overclocking and it might reduce the life of the processor.

    Altering clock frequency or voltage may damage or reduce the useful life of the processor and other system components, and may reduce system stability and performance. Product warranties may not apply if the processor is operated beyond its specifications. Check with the manufacturers of system and components for additional details. For more information, visit:
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    Quote Originally Posted by wingman99 View Post
    it might reduce the life of the processor.
    WILL greatly reduce the life of the processor if run 24/7 or even using just a few hours a day.
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    I can say this I always run a bit more voltage than recomended and I tend to get 3 years at least to a chip never had a chip degrade more than needing a small bump 3 years later . I doubt this would happen at all if didn't bench with the volts I toss at them.

    Keeping things cool has imo helped slow it down.
    But I have read as the transistors get smaller they will degrade faster with extra volts.
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