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    P4 1.6a or 1.8a, which one?

    I am considering going from and amd system to an intel system just for kicks. I am going to be using an abit sd7-533 mobo and 512 mb kingmax pc2700 memory. My question is would processor is going to do better in this system. Will the lower multiplier on the 1.6 allow for better overclocks or should I go for the 1.8? I want to beable to hit atleast a 133mhz fsb with a 166mhz memory fsb. Which of these chips will be most likely ti do this? I am new to this intel stuff everything I have owned to this point has been amd so any imput would be greatly appreciated.....tia

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    99% Both of them can do 133mhz fsb
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    im very happy with my 1.8a
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    I'm happy with my 1.8a too at 133FSB it does 2.4ghz, i'm sure it can do a lot more

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    Thanks for the info. Now where can I get the 1.8a for a good price and be sure that it is a good stepping. Newegg has them at a good price but how concerned do I need to be about the cpus stepping?

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    As far as I know there is only one stepping at this time. However I hear that will change soon, sometime this month I think.

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