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    Help....I think my system died

    the other day I reinstalled creative playcenter and went to restart.
    I hit the power button in the back on accident during the restart.
    and my system hasn't started since.
    when I try to start it, I can hear my harddrives spinning but the monitor never comes on. The red light is flashing like its reading the harddrive. but nothing else, not even those annoying beeps when you system is misconfigured.

    Did I kill it or is there a way I can fix it?

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    first thing that comes to mind is to try to clear the CMOS. that could result in a booting computer..then go into your BIOS and reset all of your settings.


    dude i just realized you have almost the exact same rig as mine, except you have a better video card than me and your maxtor is 20 gigs bigger...everything else is almost exactly the same!

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    Make sure your monitor is turned on first of all :P And also make sure you turned the switch in the back on again and make sure it's set properly, when I first got my new case it was set for the european voltage (can't remember what it is) and it sounded like everything was running, but nothing worked. So I was just messing around and switched that, and it worked.

    And try that cmos clear as suggested earlier.

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    I tried to clear my bios but it still wont start up.
    I found one of my old video cards the other day so I'm gonna try it and see if I fried my vcard. if not I'm gonna be gettin another mobo.

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    try turning the system off via the power switch on the psu, then pressing the power button on the front of the case. This sometimes resets the PSU.

    btw...why was this in the GD area?

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    Opps I thought I had it in the right bad.

    well I did some more thinking and investigating. and I'm almost sure I fried the mobo.
    first when I turn it on all my fans, harddrives, and cd/dvdroms get power but the A drive never reads. "I didn't change that feature"

    also I put in my old v card and still nothing.
    Then I decided to take it all apart and put it back together, and when I did I found a loose connection on one of my fans. the ground wire on the 4 pin connector came out and had nothing holding it in. so I think it came loose, and sent a shock through the system. I now have to pray that I didn't fry anything alot with it
    thanks for all your help

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