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    Where can I get silicone tubing?

    As a true budget overclocker, I try not to buy odd cooling parts from internet computer retailers. Prices are always jacked up beyond belief. Silicone tubing is just one example of this.

    So...where would I be able to get silicone tubing (1/2" ID) for cheap from a non-computer dealer? I checked Home depot and ACE hardware and they don't carry it. Who would? If nobody does, where can I get some online?
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    I looked for it at local shops and stores here in the San Diego area and couldnt find any. I finally had to bite the bullet and buy it online. Check around online at the many sites that sell it, your only need about 4 or five feet so it shouldnt be too expensive.

    Good Luck!

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    Wisconsin sells some extremely cheap silicone tubing (several different grades too). They are not a computer dealer over the internet, and I guess some people here have bought from them with zero problems.

    I ordered mine from Cool Technica, however that was a waste since shipping for 10ft of it was $8

    Good luck to you!
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    That Mcmaster stuff is crap. Get it from like a buck a foot.

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    make sure to get 1/8" thick wall tubing...

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    Silverprop sells ehiem tubing fairly cheaply, although you do have to import it and deal with a watercooling shop. It's a few bucks per meter

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