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    Better Preformance

    How much more preformance can i expect if i slap a 120mm fan on there with atleast 100cfm, and some Artic Silver 3 on my Swiftech heatsink?

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    Due to the massive deadspot in the center of a 120mm fan dont expect much. You MIGHT get better performance, but more then likely you will get the same if not less. Of course you'd be getting whatever it is at a lower noise level most likely.


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    Of course, you can always try to make your own adapter that lifts it off the HS a bit.

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    I would maybe try and duck a 120mm ~60-80cfm. I have 2 120mm 120cfm fans and they are LOUD (almost like my delta 38)at 12v or you can get one of those and stick a rheostrat on it so you can control the speed/noise.

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