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    Need cheap PC lighting

    I bought a dremel today and a big shee tof plexiglass and i measured my side panel and then cut a new one out of plexiglass sanded it a made it to it fits and now i have a new side panel -- but made out of plexiglass. I would really like to light up y case with a cold cathode or neon to show off my Ax-7, corb, ramsinks, bla bla -- all my stuff. But colathode are like 30$ and so are neons in like th 20$ does anyone know of any cheap form of case lighting (around 10$) or any place to get dirt cheap cold athodes and neons?? plz help...

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    If you aren't afraid to do your own soldering, you can pick up CCFLs and 5v inverters at All Electronics . Look under lamps\flourescent, and inverters. The TEAC inverter is $5 and the 100mm red CCFL is $5. The only thing that will push your cost up is shipping.

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    Check auto parts stores. $10 is a little low, but I have seen $15 neons. They are 12 volt and work fine in a computer, just have to change the plug.
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    how do i change the plug so i can put in computer im a n00b so explain plz, i use 4 pin molex connector right?strip pos and neg on 12v and match? which is +12V on molex?

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    also what autopart stores, i dont have a car so i wouldnt know!

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    You could also look for glow wire... i.e. electro-luminescent wire. Wal-Mart might have some in the automotive section... or anywhere custom stuff like that for autos is sold. It has an inverter and works off a 12v power source. Should run about $15. Not as bright, but you can place it to make borders and outline your window with it.!
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    i dont exactly have a window ... the whole side panel is plexiglass but anyways could wrap el on the border of my case and would it work?

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    waht exactly is an invertera nd do i need it for neon? How does this inverter business work help i wanna buy my neon tommorroww!!!

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    You need an inverter to run a CCFL, EL, and/or glowire. It converts the DC input to AC output at the proper range for cold cathodes. You hook up a positive and negative on the inputs, then hook up your fixture to the outputs. You probably won't need an inverter for neon. The 12v lead on a molex is usually yellow or orange, 5v is red.

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    i see there are like 2 black wires a red one and a yellow one. So to hook up my neon i would have to take the yellow and anyone of the blacks ? or which black? and b/c i dont want to cut off any molex connectors and ruin a connector from my psu, so i wanted to get a 3 pin to molex converter and on the 3 pin put the pos and neg to the neon would this work? the pos and neg on the 3 pin are 12v right?

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    Either one should work, but for consistency use the GND (black) nearest the yellow (12v).
    I have seen the neons at the auto-parts store and am in fact going to get one when it comes time for lighting in my case.

    as for connecting them... if you have a spare molex, male, strip it down and connect up the neon to it, otherwise the easiest way would be to connect the neon to the back of the molex, (where the wires come into the molex.) This way is a bit more lasting, but still acceptable.

    Good luck

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    Frankly, with your system, I don't know why you need cheap parts all of a sudden, but Dans Data has a nice little guide here on how to make an LED box

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    I did the same thing with my full tower case and i got a DIY CC kit from . not $10 but a little cheaper than a ready made unit. also does anyone know if a CC can be cut in half and rewired like EL wire?
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    You want to cut a cold cathode?? That won't work very well...You can't cut the tube in 1/2 if that's what you're asking.

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    I was at AutoZone the other day picking up molding for a window mod I'm doing for a friend, and I saw that they had 5 different neon lights. They had 3", 4", 5", 6" and 10".

    The 3" ones were $3.99.
    The 4" ones were $4.99.
    The 5" ones were $6.99.
    The 6" ones were $9.99.
    The 10" ones were $19.99.

    Any one of them would light your case admirably, but if I were to make a recommendation, get 2 or perhaps 3 of the 3" ones. That's $12, and you'd essentially get 9" of light that you can stick in 3 separate places.

    I'm not sure what AutoZone is called in other states (I'm in California), but check your local Pep Boys, Kragen, Checkers, Chief Auto, and whatever other local stores you might have. I doubt you'll find a 3" neon for less than that, but if you can, snatch it up. If you can't, I'd be happy to buy them from my store, and ship them to you (You pay shipping and the cost of packing materials of course). PM me if thats what you want.
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    can u get these online?
    i saw at kragen they were 9..99 fer 3 inch
    i live in san francisco

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    I work at an Ace Hardware- we sell these 12V lights for 8 bucks, they are not cold cathodes but they aren't regular light bulbs either. They don't get very warm though.

    They are clear too, and very brite. They have a dongle for plugging into your car's cig lighter, but that's easy enough to fix

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    are they sound activated?
    wut colors are there?
    mayb u can hook me up
    since u get discounts from there cause u work there right?

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