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    Super Glueing a Crystal or Blue orb

    I have a my original orange HS on my ECS K7S5A chipset and want to know if anyone has ever super glued an orb or any fan onto it.

    Replacing the original HS is not an option for now.

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    If you look closely at a Crystal Orb or a Blue Orb you will notice that the fan is built into a heat sink of its own. Mounting one of these onto an already existing heat sink wont do you much good. I would just mount an open fan to it. If you get a fan thats the same size as the heat sink your refering to, then just put a drop of superglue on each of the four corners and set it on there. It should work just fine, infact I have read here somewhere that others have done this with good success.

    Good Luck!

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