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    ATI Radeon 8500LE <--Does LE=BAD

    Hey, i was wondering about the ati radeon 8500's becaue i was wanting to buy one, but i have to keep it under 200 dollars because i'm low on budget, and the only ones it seems to be under that mark are the 64mb ones and i was wanting a 128mb one. I've seen 128mb ones under 200 dollars but they all have the LE right beside the radeon 8500, and i was wondering if that's a bad thing? Plz Help

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    I believe that the difference is that its a lower clock speed then the 8500.
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    yes, just make sure you get one made by Gigabyte, Ati, or Hercules....but i would really suggest you get a geforce4 Ti4200, for around the same price they are worth it...

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