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    system pauses...

    i just got my new stuff and i'm stumped...
    I've got an Asus A7V333 w/ RAID, Athlon XP 2100, 256 Samsung 2700, enermax 431W PS, Plextor 40X burner, Maxtor 60gig 7200 RPM, Asus iPanel deluxe, geforce2 MX400, HP nic, using onboard sound, USB 1.1 and 2.0 are installed but not using anything on 2.0 ports, and using stock HSF until watercooling stuff gets here...cpu temps at 59C under load... i know it's terrible but watercooling IS enroute... my problem: my computer stutters every 8 or 9 seconds... the sound, video, mouse anything that can be interrupted noticibly, does get interrupted. i have no idea why... can anyone plesae tell me? oh and btw, i know the vid card sucks, the gainward Ti4400 is RMA'd to the manufacterer right now...and another thing, i've got win xp home.... any help will be greatly appreciated!

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    Is it possible that the power source you are using has a spike or other departure from spec voltage every 8 or 9 seconds? Can you run a heavy duty extension cord to your box from an outlet that isn't on the same 15A circuit to see if it makes a difference? Are you located near high voltage transmission lines? A Ham radio transmitter or other possible source of trouble?
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    Could be your IDE cables. Poor cables might cause that.
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    Your problem is for sure the iPanel. I have the basic model, and it was doing the same to me. Go into the bios and disable the autoupdate feature and it will stop.

    The thing is that I had the ipanel on my previous A7V266-E and it worked perfectly. Maybe its a bios issue and with an updated driver everything will be fine

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    its most definatly the IPANEL i got the deluxe and its that it updates every 8 or 16 seconds go to bios and its in there!!!!

    under advanced i think?

    i like the ipanel but it sucks for doing that surely they could make it work from bios? the bios updates every second on its own!!!



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