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    Just filled the system...newbie waterman

    Well the purified water and mixed in some water wetter...we dont have disstilled water out here...small island surround by water...but none disstilled

    Glad I did not get the resovoir..
    "I know I spelled it wrong"
    the swiftech method of bleeding is great and if you want a clean set up thats the way to go...pump is not as silent as the one for my turtle though...thats kinda disapointing...was hoping for silent....did I get a bad pump or do they make a little noise when running?

    The pump is the Ehiem 1048...
    One lesson I found out.."good for first time bleeders of this system" When you start out the pump and start pumping recommends you move the case around as well as the water block....I recommend doing this in slow motion...if you do it fast and alot of air flows through...the pump will stop...and you either need to suck coolent.....or blow it back and start again "the method I chose" Move it matrix style and when you see bubbles "freeze"...then do it again and again till its all out.....

    spin that case around upside down and dosey doe...get all the air outa that ho.

    whish there was a method to see or know flow rate while the system was running...maybe someone will invent a mini flow rate monitor for us oc water coolers...would be bad asssssssssss. of typing this letter the sound of the pump is going away...must be used to it already...yeah right...Anyhow hope all this usless and usefull info helps someone.

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    did I get a bad pump or do they make a little noise when running?
    Try insulating it from it's mounting surface with some foam or something, they vibrate and can be loud if bolted directly to the case.

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    Are you sure it's the pump, or the case it's mounted to? Cases (or any large metal panel) will pickup vibration and amplify over it's large surface, as well rattling at a loose joint.
    In my first rig, I ended up using electrical tape "pads" (1" x 1" squares) inbetween case components to finally quiet my "pump".

    And find a pressure cooker pot and some copper tube to distill your own water. Works like a charm.

    Have a great one!

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