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    Question mobo problems : /

    im having trouble acheiving 1.4Ghz with my mobo, my proc will goto 1.4 but i cant get the mobo to 1.4 i have a biostar M7vkd, i know they suck for overclocking, but the specs say procs upto 1.4 i have tried everythin, if any1 knows anything about this board, any info would be gratefully appreciated. thanx u lot !!!
    Phenom II x2 555 Black Edition @ 4x 4.0Ghz
    Asus Crosshair IV Formula
    8GB G.Skill RipJaw DDR3 1600 @ 1800Mhz
    MSI 3GB FrozR III 7950
    120Gb Kingston KC300 Sata 6gbs SSD 525/500mbs
    1Tb seagate Sata 6gbs storage
    650 Watt Powercool modular psu
    22" widescreen hd monitor / 32" 1080 TV
    Logitech 5.1 surround sound speakers
    HD Freeview TV Card with remote
    Fractal Design ARC Midi R2, Red LED lighting,
    Water cooling proc only, black butterfly, 120 Radiator, 650lph pump/res with Mayhems Aurora tharsis red coolant.

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    Some more info on your mobo/CPU and rest of system would help......what FSB/Multiplier you using, BIOS version, jumper settings etc.......

    If you need help finding them, get SiSoft Sandra, and use it to find out the relevant info.....
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    the support for the 1.4 not means you should get overclocking yours to that at least because you would be setting the FSB higher than the 1.4 default is.

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