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    asus a7m266d bridge hs

    Should i order a blue orb HSF to replace the HS on the mobo when it ships or order a new one?!
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    Call me a hypocrite because I have a blorb on my GF3 GPU, but I don't care for the orbs much. Their fans aren't great in quality; single ball bearing and they come unbalanced easily. For a good nb HSF on a 760MPX board I would get a Mega Mite from 1coolPC. Northbridge cooling isn't so critical with 760MPX boards because they don't really hit extreme FSB speeds like KT266A/KT333 boards can. I would just pop the passive HS off and put some Arctic Silver on it, then put it back on.

    The best thing for you to do, though, would be to get a small 40x40mm fan and attach it to the Asus passive NB HS after you put AS2/AS3 between it and and NB chip.
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    I would definately just get a nice size fan for the heatsink that's already on there. It's a big one as it is and works well...much better than an orb would do, in my opinion.

    I did exactly what Donny suggested and super-glued a 40mm fan to one of mine. Plenty enough cooling for all that you'll be able to overclock it.

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    No offence, orbs suck as a north bridge cooler. I had one, I lapped it + AS3 and it did worst than my regular one with the factory thermal pad. They dont even cover the entire chipset. Their fans aren't great either.

    The factory heatsink that comes with the board + a good fan, lapped + Arctic Alumina (Highly recommended since there is electronics around the board and AS3 may shorten them if they get on it).

    If your heatsink doesn't have a fan, then add one it helps!

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