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    Best Case for P4

    I am soon building a whole new computer..... It will be a high preformance home computer. So a Mini or mid tower should be good. I am planing on getting a ATX P4 2.2ghz board. What power supply wattage should i use and what case do u recommend?

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    i'm no intel freak, but i would believe something with a nice wattage of 350+ is good. i personally have an overkill psu, a whole 600W. anyway, depending on what you want to put into ur computer decides how big a psu to get. if you plan on having most of your pci cards filled and more than 2 cd drives and more than 2 hdd's i would think 400+ would be perfect.

    antec makes a highly reccommended 430W whisper quiet from what i've heard. i might be wrong on the wattage on the antec tho.

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    yea, i will have 2 CD drives, Geforece4 Ti4400 video card, sound blaster card, a couple more pci slots filled, and alot of Fans. So i am looking for 400+

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    i have the lian li PC7..its cheap as well, if you don't need the removable motherboard tray. As for the power supply, i have the 430 W whisper enermax dual fan, its really quiet. Try, thats were i got it...70+ i think...

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    I would agree w/ the Lian Li PC 7 case, its a beauty. I would look into Sparkle, Antec and Heroichi for PSU.
    I have had a problem w/ Enermax's 3.33 voltage being low. It needs to be in spec to properly power the AGP slot for GF3 and 4 cards.
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