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    um, help, please

    my normal forums are down (, yes im from new zealand) so i posted here instead, any help appreciated

    i got xp pro and installed it fine and dandy right, however modem and sound coard dont have drivers for xp, so i go get xp drivers for modem and sound card, after installing the sound card drivers after the modem drivers were installed.

    now it forces me to reboot being the p.o.s siund card drivers they are and then it all goes to hell. at the table of pci frequencys before it loads windows xp it freezes up and wont do anything. its not the hdd dying either caus it worked on the dell my parents use.(dont worry, im not running a dell system)

    i tried resetting the bios by flipping out the battery and putting it back in, but the same results are had. i have no ****ing clue what to do about it, any one help?

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    welcome to the forums!

    were the drivers WHQL certified? If not you may want to try using Win2K drivers if there are any.

    can you boot into safe mode (press F5 after POST)? If you can, go to the hardware tab in My Computer, and remove the sound card from your system. Reboot, and re-install the drivers.

    If you can't boot into safe mode, try booting from the XP CD, and running a repair. Click enter to install XP, hit F8 to agree to the liscence, choose the partition XP is on, and hit R.

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    I don't think he's getting far enough in the bootcycle to do that (boot into safe mode). The new drivers might have set your SC to a different IRQ that might be shared w/ something else, and it might be hanging because of that. Try pulling the soundcard out and see if it'll boot up. If it does, I think it's an IRQ conflict, and I'd suggest that you set it manually in the BIOS.
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    u could also try putting in those 2 one at a time.

    pull both your soundcard and modem and get yourself a good boot, then delete all old modem and sound card drivers, then again get a good boot.

    then try adding your sound card and see if it gets auto detected, if not auto detected use different PCI slot, once auto detected then navigate to the folder that contain your new drivers, then try for a good boot and then start same process with modem

    if u cannot get an auto detect then just skip that part and go in and scan for hardware, if dosent work go ahead right to the drivers instal

    hope this helps, only a stab at what I would try

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    i dont think that the sound card/modem are the problem as ive got it running with the video card only.
    i still havent got it working however, judt before it hangs at the frequency list, down the bottom it has "ESCD (or something similar) update successful"

    that us the point it is stuck at.
    damnit this is annoying me, my laptop suxxors and im stuck using it for now!!

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