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    Case moddin' with hand tools

    I have no access to power tools, what should I use if wanna have a window installed on my case?

    P.S. (I do have a hand drill...)

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    Get some sheetmetal & a sheet of plexiglass and make a new door with the two.

    Thats what I am doing with mine. Just cant bring myself to cut up the doors on my tower.
    Plus this way, sheetmetal cuts easily with snips and I can make new cutouts and designs whenever I want to.

    You will need something to bend the metal with such as pliers and something to cut the design with. Sheetmetal sheers are about $10.00.

    With just a drill, not much to do but make a bunch of "connect the dots" holes. Cant help you there.

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    If you can't use power tools use a nibbler ... Available for about $10... Takes a long time to cut but give a really good edge.

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