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    What type of memory to use?

    I am goin to buy a P4 1.8A... i want to over clock it to 2.4 or maybe even 2.5 with Fan cooling. Which ram should i use? ddr or rambus.... and what pc? also what brand is best? thanks

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    RAMBUS offers the bandwidth that the P4 needs, DDR will bottleneck the system a little although it can be overclocked higher. If you go for RDRAM Samsung are said to be the best overclockers.

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    I would say the abit th7II is the best RDram board out there. I would probally go with some of the PC800 samsung stuff. Its the best bang for the buck o/c ram. There also is the new PC1066 RDram that just came out for around twice the price of PC800 If you are looking for the super high FSB and memory bandwith.
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    As they said, RDRAM is best for a P4. Handles the more CPU cycles, I think...

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    Well, its sort of a toss up IMHO

    the new i850E boards would have the clock generators to support 1066, and samsung double-sided 256 MB rimms are said to be able to do 1066, but for rdram in general you'd need good air circulation, and soem ppl have actually mounted fans to the ram to cool it

    with DDR, its easy to get high FSBs, which = more overclocking, but you can get 2394 with 18*133 anyway. But the boards are cheaper, asychronous settings can get you HIGH fsbs, especially on some SiS boards with the 3:5, and DDR latencies are a lot smaller. also I think I saw somewhere that high-speed ddrs (pc2700/3200) on the fastest timings performed better than rdram.

    Whatever you want

    EDIT: If you go DDR, its best to go with 1.6, cuz then you'd have a higher FSB for the same OC, which = better performance

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