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    S O S

    Tis I the naughty Orcie...

    I have been absent for several days..

    Tis a tale of woe, really it is

    I ventured forth in to the sacred oc silicon valley with my friend Bill but was ambushed by several nasty dwarvies...

    Bill bottled out at the first sign of trouble and the bottom fell out off my windows 98...

    I have fought the good fight and .... hmm... well, lost....

    My Win 98 system is fried, thought my mobo might have been damaged after I pushed my duron650 to 850 but put in my backup hard drive with 98 upgraded to Me and it worked fine, got to 850 on V core 1.625 or something and windows started fine.

    My win 98 starts in VGA with no mouse support, no way can I get it to spot the mouse attached, just shows an error in the setting, control, system window menu and my graphics card driver vanished, stuck in vga, get RundII 32 errors when I try to change vga settings... and there is an Ocraware error.... every time... I reset ?

    I tried to reloaded the windows but no change to the fried status.....

    Any hints???

    I thought I could just reinstall the windows system and it would be fine but that has not worked....

    Most annoying.... Any hints for repairing a duff win 98 system?

    I am off to install better drivers for my graphiocs card in ME now, this screen is so crap at basic vga....

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    No suggestions??

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