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    dont get 2700 ram 333... right? well help!

    I heard ram 2700 ddr 333 is unstable.. this would seemt o be true becasue my comps funky!

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    It might be unstable if you buy some cheap brand of it. Not all of it's unstable, Samsung PC2700 is some of the finest DDR memory out there. Corsair is another very stable one, I'm running a stick of Corsair PC2700 512MB DDR myself. What kind do you have?

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    I have no problem w/ my mushkin pc3000 which basically uses
    samsung pc2700 chips. It might the the specific memory you have that's bad.
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    corser.. im gona go buy 3 dimms of 256 2600 tomrow

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    That's the worse thing you can do, the more DIMMS you have, the more chance of memory issues when overclocking you can have. Now are you buying Corsair or do you have it already, I want to know what brand you already have that's causing you issues.

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