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    Need help finding this video card??

    I have a video card here that says trade name Creative labs and model number CT6670. It has 3dfx all over the chips and serial number is T6670820065065. It has a place to plug in a monitor and a place that says from vga. I need to find the specs sheet on this and the company web site who made it. I am wanting to sell it but need to know what it is. Thanks for anything u can do for me.

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    thats not a problem, just look for it here.

    thats a voodoo 2 12MB.

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    How much do you think this thing is worth shipped? Thank you.

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    No more than $20 if it's in great condition. Is that a standalone card is it one of those daughterboard 3D accellerators? Either way it'd be pretty cheap.


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    its one that you plug into another video card to improve perfomance. Thanks for helping out guys.

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