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    My 1800+ has bit the dust Need help!!!

    Well i got my new motherboard today a soltek kt333 purple ray.Well after installing everything i turned the power on and BLANK SCREEN!!!!! I said ahh damn after trying a few things i knew what the problem was I removed my 1800+ and put my spare 1gig duron in and it booted just great .So as i speak to you as a shell of what i once was I need your help.I'm getting a new cpu however i ain't got much loot so i'm looking for a store online that sells CPU'S by stepping i want a AROIRA 1700+ prefferibly any one know where i can get one THX ALOT GUY"S (FIRE say's a silent prayer for his lost 1800+

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    I can't help you with that one however there may be another that can. I do know after looking today that Newegg is selling the agoga 1900 but has failed to state the stepping on any others. Take Care.

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