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Thread: Stuck Fan

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    Stuck Fan

    My ASUS AV7266 m/b has a built in fan (very small). It was working just fine for about 4 months or so, but now it will get "stuck" and won't spin up. If I open up the case (with the power on) and nudge it a bit it'll spin up. Any ideas how to fix this? I'm guessing that it's dust clogging the bearings, but I'm not too sure how to open it up since it's connected onto the m/b.

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    Welcome to the forums, Wyth.

    There is little you can do to "fix" the fan. You must carefully
    remove it and install another of about the same size.
    If your rig is under warranty sometimes emailing the mfgr
    will get you a free replacement fan.

    Im sure others here will have more advice.

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    Or you can take it off- peel the sticker off the back- use some 2 in 1 oil on it and it should help- but replacment is better-

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    wyth, i also offer you a 'welcome.'
    the same thing just recently happened to my gigabyte motherboard's notrhbridge fan. i hate how they use the el-cheapest fans they can get and then they die. a good ball-bearing fan (NOT sleeve bearing-- run away! run away!) of the same size will work well as a replacement.
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    KFB, has a good point. If you get a ball-bearing fan it
    will probably last the life of your Mainboard.

    I've tried the oil trick that The Spyder mentioned. You
    might get a week or two out of it...Just replace the fan.

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