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Thread: FOC and RPM

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    FOC and RPM

    I posted awhile back about my problem with one sort beep then a long beep then system shut down. After reinstalling all my components and reseating the processor I finally got the system to post. However the problem persisted. I would get the error quite often from a cold boot, and after a couple tries the system would start up normally. After a process of elimination and trading of infor with a few people on it seems that the FOC feature requires about 3000+/- RPM to allow the system to start up even if the fan is plugged into CPUFAN1. I use a thermaltake smartfan and my fan typically starts out around 2700 RPM before it ramps up. Nothing pertaining to fan speed is mentioned in the manual, but it seems that speed is definitely a variable for the FOC. I disabled FOC and my problem was eliminated. Why I didn't try this earlier, I don't know. So...the moral of the story is...if it doesn't post, FOC it first.

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    Hold the Insert key and power on, if you are ever stuck w/o fan or have any problem turning off FOC w/o the RPM wire connected.

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