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    New EVA-3 Phase Change Cooler Pics

    Here are a couple pics of my new phase change CPU cooler the
    EVA-3. Two of them are pictures of the evaporator frozen which goes over the CPU, and the other pic is of the unit temp under no load.

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    The Evap

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    and another. I cut a line a line in the ice to show you the goods!

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    price and links?? looks kewl hope its cheaper then the other phase change companies

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    It's $450 from

    I think he just ran out since they are shipped from Korea. You can buy one right from the manufacturer for the same price plus $50 shipping.

    Their site has been down lately though.

    There is a review of it at

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    oh come on people! WHY MUST YOU TORMENT ME!?! man, i've just broken down and decided to get one come the beginning of the next school year when i get my refund checks from my scholarships.. geez, and all that money i spent on my watercooling system... uh, does anyone need a dangerden maze2 and an eheim 1250? LOL perhaps i need to find a second rig... but this fridge thing seems very simple and yet QUITE effective... the thumb goes up here.

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