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Thread: F@H3 final

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    Originally posted by NASsoccer

    make sure you finish your current WU and then upgrade... also some recommend to delete your old core. of course v3 automatically got a new core when i upgraded... but i would say delete the old anyway. better to try to prevent a conflict before it happens..
    agreed. Im waiting till im near like 10/100th or less of a WU to upgrade

    prolly tonight when i get home from he*l (i mean work)

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    Originally posted by DeepScience

    If you eat too much protein you will get fater
    Hey Deep,

    What OS are your work machines running? I have a W2K network that runs F@H as a service when the machine boots so if the box is on, it's folding.

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    They're 98. They get the desktop from the server and they're got it so literally everything shuts down when someone logs off. The head IT guy would have to make an exception for FAH to have it keep on going when someone logs off. It doesn't look like he's going for that at the moment So this is the best we can do at the moment. Just got a spike from a friend at the local PC company with 3 of his machines
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